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Galaxy Note 3 Features soon To be in Note II

If you are a Note 2 user and wished that your device could also support some feature like in Note 3 consist.Well your wish is gonna fulfilled soon

Note 2 Android 4.3 feature
Air Command Note 2

Some of those features should arrive on the Note II with the Android 4.3 update, but if you’re unwilling to wait and are okay with flashing custom ROMs, then you can get some of those software features right away.
A team of XDA developers have ported over some of the Note 3 features, such as Air Command, S Note, Sketchbook, S Planner, gallery, and more, to the Note II, by adding the necessary files to the pre-release Android 4.3 firmware that leaked for the device. These features are working well for the most part, though a few minor issues persist, such as the one hand operation feature working only for a few apps, Air View appearing twice in the settings, but these should be ironed out in the future with a few updates.
Do take necessary steps before installation of Rom.
To Download -click here


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