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Android 4.3 five leaked features[report]

With yesterday's report Nexus 4 with Android 4.3 jellybean leaked images goes viral and we get a glimpse of first look of Android 4.3.

Now,we have a list of 5 new leaked features added in Android 4.3 upcoming launch date to be on July 24.

Better Performance

We expected a number of improvements to performance and early reports indicate better, “under the hood” performance on the Nexus 4 with Android 4.3. While it is not the definitive test or benchmark Google will share next week, mert2go reports that Gangstar 4 Vegas runs, “much smoother than on 4.2.2.”
In Android 4.1 Google significantly increased system performance with Project Butter, and we hope to see similar enhancements to device speed in Android 4.3.

Dialer Autocomplete

When making phone calls in Android 4.3, the dialer can auto complete to save the user time. Xda user krypta points dialer settings as the source to turn this on. This is a common feature on many skinned versions of Android, but up until now was not included in stock Android.
android 4.3 leaked images

With this turned on, users will see suggested contacts or numbers as they start to dial on the Nexus 4 keypad. This is a small, but handy feature.

New Emoji

android 4.3 leaked images

The Android Emoji keyboard is now updated with new emoji. Emoji are similar to emoticons commonly used in chat, but that represent many more items. In Android 4.3, the emoji keyboard includes new nature emoji as shown above. This discovery comes from max4wdc.

Bluetooth LE

While not confirmed by current users, Android 4.3 shoudl deliver Bluetooth LE support which will make it easier for Bluetooth devices like the Nike FuelBand, Jawbone Up and others to work with Android devices. Currently the list of devices that connect to Android is small, and the list of supported phones often includes the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S4, with few others.
Android 4.3 and Bluetooth LE support should help fix this. It may take some time for broader support, but hopefully the next round of smart accessories and fitness accessories will work on more Android devices

New and Improved Camera App

Android 4.3 brings a new camera app, which should look similar to the one we saw on video earlier this year. In addition to a new, faster way to select camera modes, users report that changing orientation on the camera no longer lags with a small pop out animation.


  1. Balakrishnan M said...:

    They have to change the design of default icons.

  1. Vong Jr. Phonsiri said...:

    cant wait

  1. Daniel Imms said...:

    Those screenshots aren't holo...

  1. Brandon Jiang said...:

    the first one is a sgs4 screenie, but the emoji on is

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