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Android 4.3 Custom Rom for Samsung Galaxy Ace leaked

A Youtube video and some posts on internet showed leaked Android 4.3 jellybean for Samsung Galaxy Ace s5830.

Android 4.3 custom rom for samsung Galaxy Ace

If you really want to feel the Android 4.3 on Galaxy Ace devices then here is the opportunity. 

Android 4.3 on Galaxy Ace

As in Video we are not able to see clearly is this the version 4.3 jellybean but there are slightly changes we can see like the orange colour in the background which you can see Android 4.3 jellybean.Also we can see build number,version etc on it .

here is the link if you want to download Android 4.3 for Galaxy ace s5830

Before download let it be clear we have not tested this Rom,so install it at your own risk.
theandroidreview.com still thinks it might be fake but as we do not tested it we are not 100% confirm


  1. lohit2008 said...:

    there no play store in this version android 4.3 ,how to install play store in that,plz tell me...

  1. akshay said...:

    you can download play store apk from internet and than install it

  1. lohit2008 said...:

    i downloaded but when i open play store it quick exits......so plz can u send me a like from where i can download a suitable play store for this version 4.3... plz reply

  1. lohit2008 said...:

    hay akshay i tried again to install play store but again happened same thing.... so plz can u send me a like from where i can download a suitable play store for this version 4.3... plz reply

  1. David Van Cleef said...:

    build.prop on this says 4.2.2

  1. Mardon said...:

    Its marcins rom with some faked build prop entrys!

    Its Android 4.2.2

    ro.build.description=cm_cooper-userdebug 4.2.2 JDQ39E eng.marcin.20130622.183103 test-keys


  1. Mardon said...:

    Its Android 4.2.2 with faked build.prop entrys!
    So forget this. Use another rom

  1. lohit2008 said...:

    Ya ur right mardon ,its a fake rom. 4.2.2...

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