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The Goophone S5 is a clone of the Galaxy S5, only two days after it’s announcement

Goophone is known for creating clones of well known devices, and over the years they have come up with a number of these clones. In recent times they have become well known for creating device clones in a matter of a couple days. That’s the case with their new Galaxy S5 clone, the Goophone S5.
While the Goophone S5 isn’t available to purchase just yet, it might come out even quicker than the Galaxy S5 itself. The visuals of the device are almost identical to the Samsung Galaxy S5, but under the hood it’s a bit of a different story. The Goophone S5 will feature a 1080p HD display, a 13MP rear facing camera, and a 5MP front-facing camera. It will also boast a 2GHz octa-core MediaTek processor, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Unfortunately, out of the box the device will run Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.
As for the price of the Goophone S5, it will be far cheaper than the Galaxy S5, coming in at only $299.99.

LG Brings L series Phones with Android 4.4 KitKat

LG is all set to expand its 'L' series range of smartphones by introducing its three new third-generation devices in the new L Series III range, named LG L90, L70 and L40. The handsets will be officially announced at the upcoming LG event at the Mobile World Congress scheduled for 24 February at Barcelona.

1.LG L90 will feature a 4.7-inch IPS display with qHD (540x960 pixels) resolution. Besides being powered by a 1.2GHz quad-core processor with 1GB of RAM, L90 comes with an 8-megapixel rear and 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera. There is no word on the smartphone's memory expansion, however the handset is said to come with a built-in 8GB storage. A powerful 2540mAh removable battery will back this device. LG L90 will measures 131.6 x 66.0 x 9.7mm in dimensions, as reported by Android Central.

2.LG L70 settles down for nearly the same screen size of 4.5-inch with an IPS display packing a 400x800 pixels resolution. The smartphone, like L90, will come with 1GB of RAM, but is paired with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor. The LG L70 comes in two variants depending on the market, with a choice of 8-megapixel or 5-megapixel rear cameras. Both variants will have a front-facing VGA camera. The L70 comes with 4GB of built-in storage. The device will be backed-up by a 2100mAh removable battery. The LG L70 measures 127.2 x 66.8 x 9.5mm in dimensions.

3.LG L40 being the smartphone with the lowest specs in line, features a 3.5-inch screen with 320x480 pixels resolution. The smartphone comes with a low 512MB of RAM and seemingly the same processor featured by L70 - a dual-core 1.2GHz chip. LG L40 misses a front-facing camera but feature a 3-megapixel shooter. Like the LG L70, the L40 will also arrive with 4GB of storage with no word on its expansion. Depending on the market, the handset will arrive in two removable battery model variants - 1700mAh and 1540mAh. The L40 is smaller and bit thicker in size than the L70 and the L90 (109.4 x 59.0 x 11.9mm).

Concept of Android 4.5 (Lollipop):Shows a Better one

Android 4.5 Licorice (or Lollipop) is already on designers minds, and this week the popular concept creators from Pixel Shiftare sharing their vision of the next version of Android. Google’s mobile OS has come a long ways, but lately the focus has been all about polishing the experience. Android Jelly Bean set the stage, and since then we’ve seen minimal design changes to round the edges, and improve every aspect. This developer thinks the next step is improving the “out of box experience” and it looks pretty amazing.

Android 4.5 Lollipop concept

Ruiz didn’t focus on changing major areas of Android, and instead took the the initial out of the box experience, considering that’s the first interaction we have with Android. This has changed slightly from release to release, but the general idea behind the setup remains the same. Pixel Shift wants to change this, and the multiple mockups provided show exactly that. The focus: delivering a clean, inviting & personal experience to each and ever user from the moment they unbox their new device.

He’s removed the boring black gradient start screen asking for your Google account, and replaced it with a very clean and simple launch page. Offering a very familiar Google design, hints of the latest Android changes, all in a  simple way. We’re huge fans so far. Then, he moves on to the inviting and “personal” side of things, bringing the Google+ Avatar photo front and center. As shown above you already feel at home (especially if you’ve had an Android device before) and then you’re prompted to let Google back up your device.

Android 4.4 For Samsung Galaxy S4 And Galaxy Note 3 Leaks

With the release of Android 4.4 KitKat through Google Nexus 5, several Android manufacturers being rolling out the update to their own devices.

Samsung has been working on getting the Android 4.4 KitKat device to its international models and U.S. devices for the past couple of weeks. Specifically, the company has been testing and certifying builds for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy S4. But as the roll out may not take a couple of weeks for some regions, some users grow impatient on when they can try out the OS. 
For third-party providers like XDA developers, users have the option to test the builds of the operating system. Designgears, a member at XDA Developers forum, has provided the leaked builds for Android 4.4 KitKat under AT&T.
The leaked builds cater to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy S4 devices under American carrier AT&T. For those who cannot wait for the official release of the update, they can download the builds and flash their devices. 
It is important for users to understand that the leaked builds are test builds. This means providers of the update cannot be held responsible for what happens to the devices after flashing. Users can download and update at their own risk. 
The KitKat builds provided at XDA are not official and there might be some features on the over-the-air update which may not be present on the leaked builds. Users should be prepared for reboot issue with their Samsung Galaxy S4 build. The reboot issue surfaces when working with video codecs. As for people who do not mind minor issues, they can choose to use the builds as provided. It is best to double check flashing instructions to avoid problems. 

BBM For Android 2.3+ Leaks Out [Download Here]

BBM For Android 2.3

A leaked version of BBM For Android 2.3.3+ is available now , Gingerbread users can download this app and can enjoy BBM ,Till now it is expected to work on all devices.

Please provide comments If you try this App .

You can Download the BBM App from here -Download BBM

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 specifications Confirmed

Samsung has been trying to make a mark on the tablet market for some time now, and it finally looks like it may be able to do that in 2014. Many of Samsung’s upcoming tablets will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, including the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2.
Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 Pro

The Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, as the name tells, is part of the Galaxy Note line and is one of Samsung’s high-end tablets of 2014. The Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 comes in two variants, Wi-Fi (SM-P900) and LTE (SM-P905).

specs &features:
  • 12.2-inch display with a massive resolution of 2560×1600 (WQXGA) pixels
  • quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC (8974-AA) clocked at 2.3GHz, 
  • Adreno 330
  • 3GB RAM
  • Megapixel main camera sensor capable of shooting Full HD 1080p video
  • 2.1 Megapixel front facing camera for selfies and video calls. 
  • Android 4.4.2 KitKat and a new version of Samsung’s TouchWiz interface
  • offers WiFi 802.11ac support on top of the usual a/b/g/n, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 + LE, and an IR blaster 

Mobile World Congress is going to be held from 24-27 February in Barcelona, Spain.

Samsung Galaxy F To be Launched Soon

                                                 Yes....A Metal Smartphone!!

Samsung galaxy F release date
samsung galaxy F

Sammobile cites a Korean publication and claims that the alleged Samsung Galaxy F will sport a metal body and could be launched in 2014 after the release of rumoured Galaxy S5. The report informs that Samsung's alleged Galaxy F's metallic prototype was manufactured in Europe and then moved to South Korean giant's Vietnam production unit.

Further, the report suggests that the alleged Galaxy F could be Samsung's 'super premium' variant, carrying the model number SM-G900F of the yet-to-be-announced Galaxy S5 smartphone. Now, considering that Galaxy F is said to be a variant of the rumoured Galaxy S5, it seems that the report is referring to the mass-production of the alleged Galaxy F. The report also sheds some light on Samsung's plan to launch the alleged Galaxy F soon after company's rumoured Galaxy S5 hits the market.

 The Galaxy F, which will be the first flagship Samsung smartphone to have a metal casing.

Android 4.4 Katkat release date this October 21 ?

We all know that it all started with 15th October which was expected to be the release date of Android 4.4 ,then it was expected on 18th October.Then a new rumor spread that it will launch on October 28th.

Embedded image permalink

Android 4.4 release date

But, there was another theory that the KitKat clues may have been pointing towards Monday October 21st, but that theory has hit a dead end.

Rather than digging in as deep as the first theory, this one is much more simple: the KitKat Twitter posts could be a simple countdown. On October 14th, KitKat posted a 007 picture for Roger Moore's 86th birthday. On the 15th, it was a picture of the KitKat bugdroid made up of 6 KitKat pieces (not counting head and feet). Yesterday, it was the "This is it" post, where the "S" in "this" and "is" look like they could also be stylized number 5s (this is the biggest leap for us). And today, it was a post saying "The future of confectionery has arrived" with a picture of a 4-bar KitKat with the number 4.4 next to it. 

As you can see, there looks like a simple countdown happening. If true, we should see a post that references the number 3 tomorrow, then 2 on Saturday, 1 on Sunday, and that would put the end of the countdown on Monday October 21st. The theory is that Google might release Android 4.4 on Monday.

Android 4.4 Kitkat will come first in Nexus 5 ,as images leaked showing kitkat running on Nexus 5

Sony Xperia Z Official Android 4.3 Update Coming Soon

A good news For Xperia Z users i.e Android 4.3 Jellybean Update is rumored to come to Xperia Z in last week of November.

Sony Xperia Z official Android 4.3 update

There is no word on the features which the update will bring to the Sony Xperia Z. Rumor has it however, that the new version will bring significant changes to the device.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 Jellybean Update Out

According to Sam Mobile, Samsung has also kicked off the Android 4.3 rollout for the Exynos Octa-based, non-LTE version of the Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500). The update is now available via Kies in Russia (SER), with more markets to follow. The change log is identical to that of the Galaxy S4 LTE (GT-I9505).
Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 Update

ccording to the change log for the update (which is in Dutch, for some reason), Android 4.3 brings the following changes to the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE (GT-I9505):
  • New features added, including KNOX
  • Galaxy Gear compatibility
  • Improved performance: graphics, multimedia, Bluetooth
  • Improved stability of the user interface
  • Changes to the user interface, including icons
  • Improved security
Soon The update will be available in other countries also

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